used in conjunction with with physiotherapy as an integrated approach to the management of pain and inflammation

Acupuncture may help relieve symptoms of sports injuries, such as pain and inflammation. It will stimulate nerves located in muscles and other tissues, which leads to release of endorphins and increasing local circulation to help improve muscle and joint stiffness. Whether you are requesting acupuncture as a treatment in itself or your Physiotherapist suggests it as an additional treatment modality to aid your recovery we can cater to your needs.

Acupuncture is used by Physiotherapists, against a background of sound research and evidence, as a means of enhancing pain modulation via the stimulation of the brain and spinal cord to produce NATURAL pain relieving chemicals, such as endorphins; melatonin to promote sleep, serotonin to promote well being, to name but a few. These assist the body’s healing process and offer pain relief as a precursor for other manual or exercise therapy.

Trigger point Acupuncture may also be used to facilitate relaxation in specific muscles following trauma such as whiplash injury; for longer term unresolving muscle pain such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) or as a means to obtain increased muscle length in order to aid stretch and rehabilitation such as sports injuries . Here the needle is placed into the affected muscle until it is felt to relax under the needle and then removed.