Pilates (1:1 and courses)

Assessment / 1:1
2:1 Pilates
3:1 Pilates
Clinical Pilates (4 sessions)
Beginners Reformer (4 sessions)


Initial Assessment
45 minute follow up
30 minute follow up
Rider assessment
Womens health


Initial appointment
Follow up



for 4 classes per month
for 8 classes per month


for 4 classes per month
for 8 classes per month

Mixed Matt and Reformer

4 reformer and 4 matt classes
Horse rider equipment 4 classes per month

You will need to have an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists before becoming a member.

We want to make paying for our lessons hassle-free for our customers! Monthly recurring payments mean a smaller, manageable amount to pay each month, you don’t have to remember when payments are due and your space in the class won’t be at risk from payments not being made on time. Payment will be taken from your set up card every month on the same date. 

Monthly memberships have no minimum contract but one month’s notice must be given to cancel the membership, change the terms or move to a different membership rate.

You must have a 1:1 session with a physiotherapist before starting classes.

The studio closes for staff holiday four weeks of the year (two at Christmas, one at Easter and one in the Summer) which has been taken into account when setting up our month passes.

If you can’t make a class and you let us know/ early cancel via mindbody 24hrs in advance we will refund you your credit and you can use it in the next 2 months on another class in the schedule. 

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