Debbie Woulds discuses Sports Massage and it’s benefits….

Sports massage is a type of massage technique that incorporates the manipulation of soft tissues in order to relieve tight and sore muscles. Soft tissue can include skin, muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia and sports massage can incorporate the treatment of any or all of these.

Sports massage can affect the body in many different ways both physically, psychologically. There are numerous techniques used during a sports massage including deep transverse frictions, stretching, trigger point release, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques. By incorporating a combination of these, therapists can help to correct any imbalances in soft tissue that can occur from repetitive physical activity or trauma. For this reason, it is not only for people partaking in sports on a regular basis; sometimes work or general daily activities can lead to repetitive strain on certain muscle groups and soft tissues.

So if your feeling the strain from repetitive or stressful work loads; why not book your Sports massage today with Cottesloe Physio. As physiotherapists we have the added benefit of having an in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and any injuries you may have.

Benefits of Sports massage:
Alleviate tension in soft tissues.
Reduced muscle pain and discomfort.
Prevent or reduce the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness.
Increasing blood flow to the area
Aid in lymphatic drainage.
Reduce stress  
Decrease blood pressure
Improve movement
Improve recovery times post injury.

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